The Papio Problem

So I just handed in my paper.  In fact it was just fifteen minutes ago, and now I am just sitting in class.  I was planning on rewriting my notes for studying for finals.  However, I cannot see my notes because we are listening to presentations so here I am.

My paper was for Anthropology 409 Primate Evolution.


I was curious as to the Mandrill phylogenic classification Fuck up.

Out Comes

Meaning that they were placed as sister taxa to baboons based on their morphological similarities.  however, turns out another group of monkeys in the Papionini tribe called Mangabeys. This group, through molecular data, has been deemed paraphyletic- not all the decendents are included from the most recent common ancestor.

Terrestrial Mangabeys, Cercocebus, are shown to be sister to Mandrills and Arboreal Mangabeys, Lophocebus, sister to Baboons.

you can read more in my paper The Papio Problem

Other Peoples Research

there were a lot of things that just gave the information straight from class.  We talked about my topic but not in as great of detail. however some topics only entail exactly what was said in class.  How they made a 6 page paper about it is beside me.

Some people went against the grain and did things we did not discuss…. One particular student decided to do visual estrous and why we do not see it in humans.

First off

He said that he has always been interested in visual estrous….. PERV!

This Is Swelling a Bonobo has

Well Let’s Talk about why We dont have it

All I really recall about why we don’t is because of bipedality and that it would get in the way.  I have another reason… It is gross, look at it.  I’m pretty sure at some point instead of intersexual selection would have to give males an opportunity to choose characters about females as opposed to females doing all the choosing (most prevalent because it is a rule that the sex that provides the most energy into the offspring does the choosing).

Something Actually Interesting that Doesn’t Make you Puke

He suggested that we just have concealed ovulation.  However, how can we tell when a woman is ready to receive?  Well someone did the “Lap Dancer” Study that tracked the income of two women, one that is ummm ready to receive and one that wasn’t. Turns out the one that was “prepared to take your seed” got the most tips.



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